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South Tucson Youth Football - Fall 2017
Dates September 30, 2017 - TBD
Sport Football
Game Used NCAA Football '14, Xbox 360
Format League & Playoffs
Participants 60
Matches Played 210 of 317
Tournament History
Corso Cup 2017 Fall 2017 Corso Cup 2018

This is the fall 2017 season of South Tucson Youth Football. In the wake of the late Mayor Ingmar Tisdale's 2014 ban of baseball in the warped, terrible safe haven of xenophobes known as South Tucson, Arizona, the community has now decided to force their children into playing football, easily the most violent and dangerous of sports for children to play. In an effort to satiate their bloodlust for yelling obscenities at children and projecting their long-dead hopes and dreams on these young athletes, we will most certainly be covering this on IRM.

The league is comprised of 60 teams in 6 conferences, and is simulated using NCAA Football '14 for XBOX 360. All teams are created using TeamBuilder. Each team has a unique pre-existing playbook for offense and defense. Rosters are set to "Cupcake", with each team having 1 player given a major stat boost, and 2 more players given minor stat boosts. The positions for these boosts were done at random with a fairly even distribution.


  • Bryan
  • & Many More!


American Freedoms Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Guns Division
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse3 - 35 - 4
Crossbow of the Month Club3 - 34 - 5
The Porneaux Shoppe2 - 44 - 5
World of Shrapnel2 - 44 - 5
Blind Bob's Firing Range1 - 54 - 5
Bible Division
#8 Pawn Shop of the Nazarene5 - 16 - 3
Septic Tanks for Jesus5 - 15 - 4
Stations of the Cross Fit4 - 25 - 4
Holy Balls!3 - 34 - 5
Autopsies by Candice2 - 44 - 5
Big Small Business Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Goods Division
#1 The Marmalade Shack6 - 08 - 1
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters4 - 25 - 4
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse3 - 35 - 4
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items2 - 42 - 7
The Mulch Hut1 - 52 - 7
Services Division
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace4 - 25 - 4
Yoga For Fatties3 - 36 - 3
EXTREME Dentistry3 - 34 - 5
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm2 - 44 - 5
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel2 - 43 - 6
Blue Collar Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Grit Division
#2 Twin Towers Construction5 - 18 - 1
#9 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair5 - 16 - 3
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash3 - 34 - 5
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing3 - 34 - 5
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair2 - 43 - 6
Grind Division
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi4 - 26 - 3
The Horsepussy Saloon3 - 34 - 5
Ballet Bob's Dance Studio2 - 42 - 7
Taxes Roadhouse2 - 42 - 7
Welders of the Universe1 - 53 - 6
Child Services Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Fun Division
#3 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park4 - 27 - 2
Bully Factory Children's MMA4 - 25 - 4
Mitch's Toys & Guns2 - 44 - 5
Shifty Lou's Arcade2 - 43 - 6
Crashzone Trampoline Experience1 - 52 - 7
Mandatory Division
U-NEED-A CLOWN5 - 15 - 4
#4 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium4 - 27 - 2
#5 1-800-BUY-A-DAD4 - 26 - 3
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care3 - 35 - 4
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service1 - 53 - 6
Foreign Legion
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Pinko Division
Francois Creperie4 - 25 - 4
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House4 - 25 - 4
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub4 - 25 - 4
Danish Lou's Chutney House3 - 34 - 5
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck1 - 53 - 6
Oriental Division
#7 Second to Naan Curry Shop4 - 26 - 3
Go Pho Yourself3 - 35 - 4
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars3 - 34 - 5
Kebab Barkers2 - 45 - 4
Happy Release Manicures2 - 43 - 6
Gluttony League
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Quick Service Division
#6 The Creamy Surprise4 - 26 - 3
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty4 - 26 - 3
#10 Pablo's Roadside Tacos4 - 26 - 3
Tremor's Pizza4 - 25 - 4
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store2 - 44 - 5
Fine Dining Division
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse3 - 35 - 4
Delgrango's Discount Seafood3 - 35 - 4
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet3 - 34 - 5
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'2 - 43 - 6
Diddler's Family Restaurant1 - 53 - 6
  • ^ - Conference Champion
  • * - Division Champion


Each team plays 3 non-conference games and 7 conference games, comprising of a 10-game season. As of this season, all 6 conferences have 10 teams, split into 2 divisions. Teams play their 4 division opponents once, and 3 teams from the other division once on a rotating basis from season to season. Division winners meet in an 11th week for the conference championship game.

The post-season is comprised of a 12-team single elimination tournament. The six conference champions are given automatic bids to the tournament, and are joined by six at-large bids, selected by the South Tucson selection committee of drunks and derelicts. The top four seeds receive first round byes, and the higher ranked team will host all playoff games.

Week 1

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Sep 30
Oct 1
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse38Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair35
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium24Autopsies by Candice21
Blind Bob's Firing Range20Mitch's Toys & Guns13
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm28Ballet Bob's Dance Studio23
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi42Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items10
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel37cTaxes Roadhouse34
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace31Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars28
The Marmalade Shack24Delgrango's Discount Seafood21
Diddler's Family Restaurant27Crossbow of the Month Club10
Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park28Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters27
Go Pho Yourself35Shifty Lou's Arcade21
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse41bEXTREME Dentistry35
1-800-BUY-A-DAD34Kathy's Kountry Kookin'27
Kebab Barkers31Holy Balls!25
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House35*Tremor's Pizza28
Pablo's Roadside Tacos42Happy Release Manicures28
The Creamy Surprise45aPawn Shop of the Nazarene37
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse28Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash24
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck35Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing23
Second to Naan Curry Shop38Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair24
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty24Septic Tanks for Jesus17
The Porneaux Shoppe28Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store3
Stations of the Cross Fit27Francois Creperie20
Danish Lou's Chutney House31The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet24
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care35The Horsepussy Saloon28
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service21The Mulch Hut17
Twin Towers Construction49U-NEED-A CLOWN45
Welders of the Universe24The Wandering Lush Irish Pub20
World of Shrapnel21Bully Factory Children's MMA3
Yoga For Fatties35Crashzone Trampoline Experience30
  • a - Final/4OT
  • b - Final/3OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 2

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Oct 14
Oct 15
1-800-BUY-A-DAD27The Wandering Lush Irish Pub21
The Porneaux Shoppe34cBallet Bob's Dance Studio31
World of Shrapnel31Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash19
Twin Towers Construction35Bully Factory Children's MMA14
Autopsies by Candice28Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm26
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi37cTony & Paul's Child Escort Service34
Delgrango's Discount Seafood37Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel35
Francois Creperie28Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items23
Blind Bob's Firing Range28Danish Lou's Chutney House16
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars27Diddler's Family Restaurant24
EXTREME Dentistry24Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair21
Go Pho Yourself35Crossbow of the Month Club28
Happy Release Manicures42Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse17
Crashzone Trampoline Experience35Holy Balls!31
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care28Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse18
Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park28House of Guffaws Comedy Palace21
Mitch's Toys & Guns34bStations of the Cross Fit28
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck35The Creamy Surprise28
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing24Pawn Shop of the Nazarene14
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair28Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House17
Second to Naan Curry Shop21Kathy's Kountry Kookin'14
The Mulch Hut27Septic Tanks for Jesus9
Shifty Lou's Arcade38Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters35
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty21Taxes Roadhouse14
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium35Pablo's Roadside Tacos28
The Horsepussy Saloon31The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet28
Tremor's Pizza38The Marmalade Shack28
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store31U-NEED-A CLOWN24
Kebab Barkers41aWelders of the Universe35
Yoga For Fatties41cHacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse35
  • a - Final/3OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 3

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Oct 20
Oct 23
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene311-800-BUY-A-DAD28
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse31Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House24
Autopsies by Candice28Danish Lou's Chutney House16
Pablo's Roadside Tacos27Ballet Bob's Dance Studio10
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair31Tremor's Pizza14
Diddler's Family Restaurant21Crashzone Trampoline Experience16
Crossbow of the Month Club51aCaptain Chuck's Adventure Taxi48
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm21Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars14
Delgrango's Discount Seafood24Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing17
Welders of the Universe27EXTREME Dentistry17
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters40bFlappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty34
Yoga For Fatties42Francois Creperie28
Blind Bob's Firing Range42Happy Release Manicures28
Holy Balls!28Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair21
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet28Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care21
Mitch's Toys & Guns21House of Guffaws Comedy Palace20
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'24Septic Tanks for Jesus14
Kebab Barkers22Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items21
Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park30cSecond to Naan Curry Shop27
Bully Factory Children's MMA20Stations of the Cross Fit17
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store21Taxes Roadhouse17
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium49Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel24
The Creamy Surprise35U-NEED-A CLOWN32
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse31The Horsepussy Saloon28
The Marmalade Shack28Go Pho Yourself21
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse28The Mulch Hut21
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash36aThe Porneaux Shoppe28
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub26World of Shrapnel23
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service28Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck21
Twin Towers Construction34Shifty Lou's Arcade28
  • a - Final/3OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 4

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Oct 28
Oct 31
Septic Tanks for Jesus21World of Shrapnel14
Stations of the Cross Fit24Crossbow of the Month Club3
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene31Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse21
Autopsies by Candice28Blind Bob's Firing Range25
Holy Balls!31The Porneaux Shoppe28
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items31Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel28
The Mulch Hut31Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm24
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters38Yoga For Fatties31
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace19Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse17
The Marmalade Shack21EXTREME Dentistry18
Second to Naan Curry Shop38Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House35
Francois Creperie35bKebab Barkers28
Danish Lou's Chutney House46aGo Pho Yourself44
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub31Happy Release Manicures28
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars31Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck28
Pablo's Roadside Tacos27Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse14
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet31Tremor's Pizza21
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty31Diddler's Family Restaurant24
The Creamy Surprise35Kathy's Kountry Kookin'21
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store31Delgrango's Discount Seafood21
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash35Welders of the Universe32
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair31Ballet Bob's Dance Studio21
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing21Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi7
Twin Towers Construction38Taxes Roadhouse31
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair34The Horsepussy Saloon14
Shifty Lou's Arcade24Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service21
Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park281-800-BUY-A-DAD21
U-NEED-A CLOWN27Crashzone Trampoline Experience10
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care23Bully Factory Children's MMA20
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium21Mitch's Toys & Guns14
  • a - Final/3OT
  • b - Final/OT

Week 5

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Nov 9
Nov 12
Stations of the Cross Fit24The Porneaux Shoppe17
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene31Autopsies by Candice19
Holy Balls!14Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse7
Crossbow of the Month Club24World of Shrapnel21
Septic Tanks for Jesus31Blind Bob's Firing Range21
The Marmalade Shack24Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm7
Yoga For Fatties28House of Guffaws Comedy Palace24
EXTREME Dentistry35Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters25
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items14The Mulch Hut7
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse35Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel21
Kebab Barkers21Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck16
Go Pho Yourself38Happy Release Manicures31
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars24Danish Lou's Chutney House10
Francois Creperie35Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House28
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub28Second to Naan Curry Shop25
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet35Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store17
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'28Diddler's Family Restaurant24
Delgrango's Discount Seafood28Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty18
Pablo's Roadside Tacos31Tremor's Pizza28
The Creamy Surprise17Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse14
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair31Ballet Bob's Dance Studio28
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi31Taxes Roadhouse28
The Horsepussy Saloon27Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing17
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash27Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair21
Twin Towers Construction41aWelders of the Universe38
Mitch's Toys & Guns351-800-BUY-A-DAD7
U-NEED-A CLOWN38Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care28
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium24Crashzone Trampoline Experience21
Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park38Shifty Lou's Arcade28
Bully Factory Children's MMA42Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service35
  • a - Final/2OT

Week 6

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Nov 26
Nov 30
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse38Blind Bob's Firing Range31
Holy Balls!31World of Shrapnel24
#9 Autopsies by Candice14Stations of the Cross Fit7
Crossbow of the Month Club31Pawn Shop of the Nazarene24
Septic Tanks for Jesus31The Porneaux Shoppe28
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters28Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse25
EXTREME Dentistry28Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items21
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace24Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm0
#6 Yoga For Fatties23The Mulch Hut17
#7 The Marmalade Shack24Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel17
Danish Lou's Chutney House13The Wandering Lush Irish Pub10
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House24Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars17
Happy Release Manicures20b#4 Kebab Barkers14
Francois Creperie24Go Pho Yourself17
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck37cSecond to Naan Curry Shop34
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty40#5 The Creamy Surprise28
#10 Pablo's Roadside Tacos43Delgrango's Discount Seafood26
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'31The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet14
Tremor's Pizza21Diddler's Family Restaurant3
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse31Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store17
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing24c#3 Twin Towers Construction17
The Horsepussy Saloon20Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash17
Taxes Roadhouse31Ballet Bob's Dance Studio27
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi21Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair14
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair40aWelders of the Universe37
Bully Factory Children's MMA42Crashzone Trampoline Experience33
#2 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium21Shifty Lou's Arcade20
1-800-BUY-A-DAD52Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care28
U-NEED-A CLOWN24#1 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park14
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service28#8 Mitch's Toys & Guns23
  • a - Final/4OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 7

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Dec 29
Dec 31
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse24The Porneaux Shoppe14
Blind Bob's Firing Range24Crossbow of the Month Club20
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene31Septic Tanks for Jesus24
Stations of the Cross Fit26Holy Balls!24
World of Shrapnel31#6 Autopsies by Candice21
#4 The Marmalade Shack27Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters24
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse28The Mulch Hut24
#3 Yoga For Fatties35Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel21
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm55aEXTREME Dentistry49
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace28Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items23
Danish Lou's Chutney House31Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck13
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub34#9 Francois Creperie12
Second to Naan Curry Shop42Go Pho Yourself13
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars14#10 Kebab Barkers9
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House28Happy Release Manicures23
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store19cFlappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty13
Tremor's Pizza31#8 The Creamy Surprise24
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse27Diddler's Family Restaurant14
Delgrango's Discount Seafood42The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet35
#7 Pablo's Roadside Tacos35Kathy's Kountry Kookin'17
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair35Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing25
#5 Twin Towers Construction28Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair26
Welders of the Universe24Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi10
Ballet Bob's Dance Studio27bThe Horsepussy Saloon24
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash28Taxes Roadhouse17
Mitch's Toys & Guns31Crashzone Trampoline Experience28
#2 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park44cBully Factory Children's MMA41
U-NEED-A CLOWN17Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service7
1-800-BUY-A-DAD38#1 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium28
Shifty Lou's Arcade21cHootenanny's Country/Western Day Care14
  • a - Final/3OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 8

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Jan 27
Jan 28
World of Shrapnel21Blind Bob's Firing Range14
The Porneaux Shoppe21Crossbow of the Month Club14
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene25Holy Balls!18
Septic Tanks for Jesus31#10 Autopsies by Candice28
Stations of the Cross Fit24Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse21
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse17Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items6
#4 The Marmalade Shack28The Mulch Hut14
EXTREME Dentistry29#3 Yoga For Fatties26
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel34#9 House of Guffaws Comedy Palace21
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters35Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm23
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House35The Wandering Lush Irish Pub30
Francois Creperie21Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck19
Go Pho Yourself31Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars21
Second to Naan Curry Shop28Happy Release Manicures14
Kebab Barkers54aDanish Lou's Chutney House51
The Creamy Surprise35#6 Pablo's Roadside Tacos23
Tremor's Pizza17Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store14
Diddler's Family Restaurant33bDelgrango's Discount Seafood27
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse21Kathy's Kountry Kookin'14
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty38The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet35
#5 Twin Towers Construction24Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash17
#8 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair38Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair35
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi24The Horsepussy Saloon20
Taxes Roadhouse21Welders of the Universe18
Ballet Bob's Dance Studio34Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing27
Bully Factory Children's MMA42Shifty Lou's Arcade35
#1 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park34Mitch's Toys & Guns17
U-NEED-A CLOWN49#2 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium28
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care31Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service28
#7 1-800-BUY-A-DAD42Crashzone Trampoline Experience35
  • a - Final/5OT
  • b - Final/OT

Week 9

Bold denotes home team.

Date Home Away
Feb 9
Feb 11
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse24World of Shrapnel21
The Porneaux Shoppe34Blind Bob's Firing Range24
Septic Tanks for Jesus24Holy Balls!0
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene28Stations of the Cross Fit21
Crossbow of the Month Club34Autopsies by Candice31
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters23Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items21
#2 The Marmalade Shack20Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse13
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel60aEXTREME Dentistry58
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm45#5 Yoga For Fatties24
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace42The Mulch Hut35
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House20Danish Lou's Chutney House10
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub45Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck42
Second to Naan Curry Shop35Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars30
Go Pho Yourself41Kebab Barkers19
Happy Release Manicures28Francois Creperie10
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty31#9 Pablo's Roadside Tacos27
#8 The Creamy Surprise28Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store3
Delgrango's Discount Seafood38Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse35
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet24Diddler's Family Restaurant14
Tremor's Pizza35Kathy's Kountry Kookin'21
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing28Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash20
#3 Twin Towers Construction28#7 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair23
The Horsepussy Saloon38Welders of the Universe7
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi31Ballet Bob's Dance Studio21
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair42Taxes Roadhouse35
Crashzone Trampoline Experience35Shifty Lou's Arcade25
Bully Factory Children's MMA31Mitch's Toys & Guns28
#4 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium30Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service17
#6 1-800-BUY-A-DAD42#10 U-NEED-A CLOWN35
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care35#1 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park28
  • a - Final/5OT

Week 10

Bold denotes home team.

Date Home Away
Feb 16
Feb 20
World of Shrapnel The Porneaux Shoppe
Crossbow of the Month Club Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse
Holy Balls! Autopsies by Candice
Septic Tanks for Jesus Stations of the Cross Fit
Blind Bob's Firing Range #8 Pawn Shop of the Nazarene
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items #1 The Marmalade Shack
The Mulch Hut Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters
EXTREME Dentistry House of Guffaws Comedy Palace
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse Yoga For Fatties
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck
Francois Creperie Danish Lou's Chutney House
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars Happy Release Manicures
#7 Second to Naan Curry Shop Kebab Barkers
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub Go Pho Yourself
#10 Pablo's Roadside Tacos Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store
Tremor's Pizza Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty
Delgrango's Discount Seafood Kathy's Kountry Kookin'
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet
#6 The Creamy Surprise Diddler's Family Restaurant
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash #9 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing
The Horsepussy Saloon Taxes Roadhouse
Welders of the Universe Ballet Bob's Dance Studio
#2 Twin Towers Construction Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi
Shifty Lou's Arcade Mitch's Toys & Guns
#3 Moist Adventures Indoor Water Park Crashzone Trampoline Experience
#4 Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service #5 1-800-BUY-A-DAD
Bully Factory Children's MMA U-NEED-A CLOWN

Championship Week

Bold denotes home team.

Date Home Away
Child Services Conference Championship Game
Fun Division Mandatory Division
Big Small Business Conference Championship Game
The Marmalade Shack Services Division
Foreign Legion Championship Game
Pinko Division Second To Naan Curry Shop
Blue Collar Conference Championship Game
Grit Division Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi
American Freedoms Conference Championship Game
Guns Division Bible Division
Gluttony League Championship Game
Quick Service Division Fine Dining Division


Throughout the season, the top 10 rankings will be released, starting with the conclusion of Week 5. The final rankings are posted after Week 10, before the 6 conference championship games.

Season Rankings

Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
1 Moist Adventures (5-0) Ted's Baby Clothes (6-0) Moist Adventures (6-1)
2 Ted's Baby Clothes (5-0) Moist Adventures (5-1) Ted's Baby Clothes (6-1)
3 Twin Towers (5-0) Yoga For Fatties (5-1) Yoga For Fatties (6-1)
4 Kebab Barkers (4-1) Marmalade Shack (5-1) Marmalade Shack (6-1)
5 Creamy Surprise (4-1) Twin Towers (5-1) Twin Towers (6-1)
6 Yoga For Fatties (4-1) Autopsies (4-2) Pablo's Tacos (6-1)
7 Marmalade Shack (4-1) Pablo's Tacos (5-1) 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (4-3)
8 Mitch's Toys/Guns (3-2) Creamy Surprise (4-2) Sam & Sons (5-2)
9 Autopsies (3-2) Francois Creperie (4-2) House of Guffaws (4-3)
10 Pablo's Tacos (4-1) Kebab Barkers (4-2) Autopsies (4-3)
Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
1 Moist Adventures (7-1) Marmalade Shack (8-1)
2 Marmalade Shack (7-1) Twin Towers (8-1)
3 Twin Towers (7-1) Moist Adventures (7-2)
4 Ted's Baby Clothes (6-2) Ted's Baby Clothes (7-2)
5 Yoga For Fatties (6-2) 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (6-3)
6 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (5-3) Creamy Surprise (6-3)
7 Sam & Sons (6-2) Second to Naan (6-3)
8 Creamy Surprise (5-3) Pawn Shop (6-3)
9 Pablo's Tacos (6-2) Sam & Sons (6-3)
10 U-NEED-A CLOWN (5-3) Pablo's Tacos (6-3)
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