2013 South Tucson Little League World Series
Dates April 9, 2013 - May 5, 2013
Sport Baseball (Little League)
Game Used MVP '07 NCAA Baseball,
Playstation 2
Format Double Elimination Tournament
Participants 32
Matches Played 63
Champion(s) Shaky's Pizzeria
Tournament History
South Tucson
LLWS 1 (2013)
South Tucson
LLWS 2 (2014)

This is the first tournament of the South Tucson Little League World Series. It began on April 9, 2013 and concluded on May 5, 2013. The tournament is simulated using MVP 07: NCAA Baseball for the PlayStation 2.

The competition takes place entirely in the small suburb of South Tucson, Arizona. Games are played at Utility Field A and B at Freedom Park. The tournament was formed when an unusual appearance of cicadas swarmed over South Tucson, coating the fields and most of the town with their slimy, dead exoskeletons. However, due to the drive of this town and the desire to not let the "insect terrorist" win, local businesses and volunteers took to their shovels, dustpans, and wet-vacs, cleaning up the cicada damage, and restoring Freedom Park to its former glory. In addition to their assistance, these local businesses sponsored the 32 teams in the inaugural tournament.


  • Greg Mandell (Bryan) - Play-by-play
  • Ingmar Tisdale (Matt) - Color Commentator
  • Various Team Representatives (Fitz) - Guests


There are 32 sponsored teams that compete in the South Tucson Little League World Series. All teams are drawn at random, and assigned to spots in the bracket in four pools of eight teams, lettered A through D. Below is the order of the draw and designation of teams:

Pool A Pool B
Carrot Lovers Vegan Snacks The Wandering Lush Irish Pub
Ballet Bob's Dance Studio Sigmund's Aromatorium & Parfumerie
Salad & Sons Dentistry Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash Shifty Lou's Arcade
Second to Naan Curry Shop Dahmer's Budget Burials
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet Shaky's Pizzeria
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium Danish Lou's Chutney House
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel Little Vanuatu Dry Cleaners
Pool C Pool D
Francois Creperie Happy Release Manicures
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair Bully Factory Children's MMA
The Marmalade Shack Lonely Dale's Comic Book Shop
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store House of Guffaws Comedy Palace
Silent But Funny School of Mime Mama Lugano's House of Legitimate Spaghetti & Firearms
World of Shrapnel Mitch's House of Toy Guns & Gun Toys
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing
Third Street Second-Hand Medical Supplies Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse


The tournament is divided into two sections: pool play and the championship round. In pool play, the eight teams in each group compete in a double-elimination tournament, with one team emerging from each pool, advancing to the championship round. In the final game of each pool, a 3-0 team from the winner's bracket will compete against a team emerging from the loser's bracket in a one-off game. (This means that the loser's bracket team does not need to defeat the 3-0 team twice to advance.)

In the championship round, the four pool winners are paired off, and compete in a best-of-three series. The two winners of these series will compete in another best-of-three series to determine the champions.

Pool A bracket

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Pool A Semifinal     Pool A Championship
  Winner's Bracket
   Carrot Lovers 5  
   Ballet Bob's (F/8) 6    
       Ballet Bob's 1  
       Big Paul's 10    
   Salad & Son's 3          
   Big Paul's 10        
       Big Paul's (F/8) 7          
       Binging Texan 6            
   Second to Naan 6              
   Binging Texan 10                
       Binging Texan 10          
       Ted's Baby Clothes 6        
   Ted's Baby Clothes 8          
   Casa de Gordoso 2          Big Paul's 10
       Carrot Lovers 1
  Loser's Bracket      
   Carrot Lovers (F/9) 4        
   Salad & Sons 3      Carrot Lov. (F/12) 8        
     Ted's Baby Clothes 7          
       Carrot Lovers 5        
   Second to Naan 2          Ballet Bob's 4      Binging Texan 6    
   Casa de Gordoso 4      Casa de Gordoso 7          Carrot Lovers 10  
     Ballet Bob's 10  

Pool B bracket

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Pool B Semifinal     Pool B Championship
  Winner's Bracket
   Wandering Lush 5  
   Sigmund's Aroma 3    
       Wandering Lush 6  
       Flappy Pappy's 13    
   Flappy Pappy's 7          
   Shifty Lou's 5        
       Flappy Pappy's 2          
       Shaky's Pizzeria 6            
   Dahmer's Burials 5              
   Shaky's Pizzeria 8                
       Shaky's Pizza (F/8) 6          
       Danish Lou's 5        
   Danish Lou's 6          
   Little Vanuatu 5          Shaky's Pizzeria 3
       Dahmer's Burials 2
  Loser's Bracket      
   Sigmund's Aroma 5        
   Shifty Lou's 3      Sigmund's Aroma 9        
     Danish Lou's 4          
       Sigmund's Aroma 4        
   Dahmer's Burials 8          Dahmer's Burials 11      Flappy Pappy's 3    
   Little Vanuatu 2      Dahmer's Burials 7          Dahmer's Burials 4  
     Wandering Lush 5  

Pool C bracket

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Pool C Semifinal     Pool C Championship
  Winner's Bracket
   Francois Creperie 3  
   Busted Rubber 2    
       Francois Creperie 4  
       Marmalade Shack 6    
   Marmalade Shack 3          
   Shoeless Jim's 2        
       Marmalade Shack 4          
       Rancho Robusto 2            
   Silent but Funny 3              
   World of Shrapnel 1                
       Silent but Funny 1          
       Rancho Robusto 5        
   Rancho Robusto 8          
   Third Street Med 4          Marmalade Shack 3
       Busted Rubber 0
  Loser's Bracket      
   Busted Rubber 6        
   Shoeless Jim's 2      Busted Rubber 9        
     Silent But Funny 0          
       Busted Rubber 6        
   World of Shrapnel 6          Third Street Med 5      Rancho Robusto 1    
   Third Street Med 18      Third Street Med 9          Busted Rubber 6  
     Francois Creperie 8  

Pool D bracket

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Pool D Semifinal     Pool D Championship
  Winner's Bracket
   Happy Release 10  
   Bully Factory 6    
       Happy Release 5  
       Lonely Dale's 7    
   Lonely Dale's 6          
   House of Guffaws 4        
       Lonely Dale's 2          
       Mama Lugano's 9            
   Mama Lugano's 5              
   Mitch's Toys/Guns 1                
       Mama Lugano's 8          
       Hacking Gene's 6        
   Rusty Pipe Job 3          
   Hacking Gene's 5          Mama Lugano's 7
       Lonely Dale's (F/10) 9
  Loser's Bracket      
   Bully Factory 2        
   House of Guffaws 5      House of Guff. (F/8) 9        
     Hacking Gene's 8          
       House of Guffaws 4        
   Mitch's Toys/Guns 10          Mitch's Guns (F/9) 5      Lonely Dale's 4    
   Rusty Pipe Job 5      Mitch's Toys/Guns 7          Mitch's Toys/Guns 3  
     Happy Release 1  

Championship bracket

The four teams who emerge from each of the pools will compete in the Championship bracket. Both semifinals, as well as the final, are best of three series, with the designated home team alternating between games.

  Semifinal     Final    
   Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash 13 11 X  
   Lonely Dale's Comic Book Shop 9 6 X    
       Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash 5 3 3
       Shaky's Pizzeria 4 8 4
   Shaky's Pizzeria 7 5 X    
   The Marmalade Shack 5 4 X  

South Tucson Little League World Series Champions
Flag of USA
Shaky's Pizzeria
Tournament #1

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