The following is a list of all current and former drivers that have competed in the Diddler Cup Racing Series.

This article focuses on drivers and their individual statistics in the Diddler Cup. All information is current as of the 2018 season, or the most recent active season for inactive drivers.

For specifics such as driver's current and former sponsors, car numbers, or teams, see the links below:

Current Diddler Cup drivers

DriverHometownNo.DebutSeasonsWinsTop 10sPolesBest Season Finish
Paul AlcoholManhattan, New York35201722913rd (2017)
Wooba BallyMobile, Alabama1032017211004th (2017)
Richard BloodCharlotte, North Carolina51201720637th (2017)
Jim BlossomsTempe, Arizona412017217019th (2017)
Kevin Boughner-PillmanCornelius, North Carolina152017217116th (2017)
Jeff ChineseEstero, Florida382017208012th (2017)
Fat DarrylNew Brunswick, New Jersey81201722805th (2017)
Bucky DewshineJohnson City, Tennessee5520181000N/A
Giaccomo GiaccomoPoughkepsie, New York42017217117th (2017)
Jeff Gordon the HorseAuburn, Washington82017208125th (2017)
Harry GuntBurns Down, South Carolina822017204031st (2017)
Jean-Paul HenryMarseille, France402017221101st (2017}
Bowie JessupTupelo, Mississippi22201721706th (2017)
Agent Toby KeithClinton, Oklahoma2720181000N/A
Vitaly KryptovKislovodska, Russia220181000N/A
Stumpy LaneBucksnort, Tennessee92017214014th (2017)
Morris MayfieldMorwell, Australia692017216121st (2017)
Mr. Naga's Most Glorious DriverOsaka, Japan10201720529th (2017)
Nikolai the Soviet Driving BearKaliningrad, Russia220181000N/A
542 NormanSouth Tucson, Arizona1320181000N/A
Reverend PastorchavezMaracaibo, Venezuela332017217113th (2017)
Doug PorkLancaster, Wisconsin8320181000N/A
El Matador Toto RosannaMelbourne, Australia752017226111th (2017)
Cobb SaladBrown Derby, California2120181000N/A
Ennio SporiniMaranello, Italy282017226120th (2017)
DIRK TanakaOkinawa, Japan9920181000N/A
Big Daddy ThibodeauxSouth Tucson, Arizona602017205015th (2017)
Petrol TopovKislovodska, Russia9020181000N/A
Smiley van VuurenSurprise, Nebraska!1120181000N/A
Paul WalkerGlendale, California002017205010th (2017)
Rickie WaltonTemecula, California32201720918th (2017)
Joe-Jon WinchesterHoover, Alabama472017221002nd (2017)

Inactive drivers

DriverHometownNo.Years ActiveSeasonsWinsTop 10sPolesBest Season Finish
Rusty ArkanaTempe, Arizona122017103030th (2017)
Otto BahnMainz, Germany692017105032nd (2017)
Jasper CuttysarkBells, Tennessee252017105223rd (2017)
B.D. JosephIrvine, California212017103127th (2017)
Blind Bob McGeeNewport, North Carolina442017105128th (2017)
Burt McKitchenStillwater, Oklahoma202017104024th (2017)
Jimmy PootsFilthburg, USA902017105129th (2017)
Joey RochesterRochester, New York492017105022nd (2017)
Cotton StuffbodyPeoria, Illinois172017104118th (2017)
Elmer TwistUpper Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey992017105026th (2017)

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