Indie Fight Club
Dates August 12, 2014 -
Sport Wrestling/Fighting
Game Used Fire Pro Returns, PlayStation 2
Format Tournament
Matches Played
Tournament History
Fight Club

Indie Fight Club is a massive tournament, using Fire Pro Returns for the PlayStation 2. All combatants used are from the DJKM King of the Indies save file. All matches are simulated CPU vs CPU in tournament mode with SWA or GRUESOME rules.


In 2014, independent wrestling, as we know it, is dead. Due to continuous signings of talent by WWE and NJPW, as well as the accessibility and affordability of the WWE Network, small promotions, iPPV providers, and everyone involved, were out of jobs. This left hundreds of independent wrestlers looking for work, no longer able to make money. In an act of complete and utter desperation, they are forced to fight in underground tournaments for former glory, potentially having their transportation covered, but most importantly, to survive.

Currently, the tournament is set up with a series of one-night tournaments, with the winners of each region/territory earning a spot in the grand final 16-man tournament to crown the true King of Indie Fight Club.

Regional Tournaments

Episode 0: TNA

TNAid 2014: August 12, 2014

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Jesse Neal*  9:00
 Scott Steiner    
 Jesse Neal  
   Chris Sabin  10:16  
 Chris Sabin  9:27
 Samoa Joe    
 Chris Sabin  
   Bobby Lashley  6:52  
 Shark Boy  
 Bobby Lashley  4:56  
 Bobby Lashley  5:19
   Jimmy Yang    
 Jimmy Yang  8:07  
 Bobby Lashley  10:36
   Austin Aries  
 Rockstar Spud  
 Eddie Edwards  8:48  
 Eddie Edwards  
   Austin Aries  10:20  
 Austin Aries  10:28
 Davey Richards    
 Austin Aries  8:52
 New Jack  8:50
 TJ Perkins    
 New Jack  
   Rhino  4:35  
 Rhino  8:56
 Amazing Red    
  • - Jesse Neal was a last minute replacement for Low Ki.

Episode 1:


Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship

Grand Final Tournament

The winners from the regional competitions receive a qualifying spot in the Indie Fight Club Grand Final.


Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final

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