Diddler Cup Racing Series
Current season, competition or edition:
2018 Diddler Cup Racing Series
Sport Stock Car Racing
Game(s) Used NASCAR Racing 2003, PC
Inaugural Season 2017

Participants 32
Last Champion(s) Jean-Paul Henry

The Diddler Cup Racing Series is a stock car racing series that debuted on IRM on June 11, 2017. It is named for its current sponsor, L. Smith Diddler, owner and founder of the Diddler's Family Restaurant chain.

The series and all races are simulated using NASCAR Racing 2003 for the PC. Races will be broadcast live with some pre-produced aspects. Special thanks to RJ (Blinky) and Seth (NTQ) for help in setup.


In the first ever season, 32 drivers and cars entered the championship series. The season comprised of 20 races on different race tracks, including road courses, speedways, short tracks, and unconventional tracks such as figure-8 tracks. All 32 drivers would qualify and compete in the race itself. Drivers would earn points based on how they finished, with 5 bonus points awarded to any driver that successfully led a lap during a race. The driver with the highest point total after 20 races was declared the series champion.

Beginning in 2018, the series format was changed, adopting a "playoff" structure similar to the current NASCAR Cup series. The season would comprise of 22 races, split into two sections. The first 14 races will run under the similar "points series" system as the inaugural season. After Race 14, all race winners qualify for the final 8-race playoffs, along with the drivers with the highest point totals, creating a field of 16.

The races in the playoffs will take place at 8 of the 14 same tracks from the first part of the season, with drivers eliminated from championship contention at different points along the way. After 3 races, the field will be cut from 16 to 12. After the next 2 races, the field will be cut from 12 to 8, and again, from 8 to 4 after the following 2 races. This leaves 4 drivers in contention at the final race of the season, with the driver scoring the best finish in that final race crowned the champion.

At present time, the method to determine who advances in the playoffs has not been fully decided.

Race Delay Rule

In the event of a race delay (because let's face it, we're really testing our limits with this game and the game MAY crash), a contingency plan was devised on the fly during Race #4, the We Put A Bat In Everyone's Car 500, and was the first race where this was applied.

In the event of a race delay, the field is frozen and recorded at the time of the delay. The leader is declared the winner of the first segment of the race, and the remaining laps (or potentially fewer laps) would be run as if it was a separate race. If another delay happens, this will continue.

The segment winners will then race against one another in a shootout to determine the winner of the race. The remaining cars will fill out the top spots in the order they finish. The remaining cars will have their finishing position determined by a weighted average of the positions at the end of each segment.

Past champions

Year Driver No. Sponsor Manufacturer
2017 Jean-Paul Henry 40 Ludger Beer Bombs Chevrolet
2018 TBD


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Series records

  • Most championships: 1 – Jean-Paul Henry
  • Manufacturer with most total championships: Chevrolet – 1
  • Most career wins: 2 (tied) – El Matador Toto Rosanna, Ennio Sporini, Fat Darryl, Jean-Paul Henry, Joe-Jon Winchester, Paul Alcohol
  • Most career poles: 3 – Richard Blood
  • Most total career last place finishes: 3 (tied) – Burt McKitchen, Otto Bahn
  • Most wins in a season: 2 – (tied) – El Matador Toto Rosanna, Ennio Sporini, Fat Darryl, Jean-Paul Henry, Joe-Jon Winchester, Paul Alcohol
  • Most career top 10's: 11 – Jean-Paul Henry
  • Most top 10's in a season: 11 – Jean-Paul Henry (2017)

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