The Copa El Dandy is a 32-man single elimination tournament that takes place in the fifth month of the cycle (May/November) on both Hour 1 of Nitro and Worldwide, with the tournament final taking place at World War 3. The winner of the tournament earns a shot at the WCW Television Title at Starrcade the following month.

Cycle 0

The inaugural Copa El Dandy took place between October 1, 2015 and November 3, 2015. The draw for the bracket pairings took place on October 1, 2015.

Round 1   Round 2   Round 3   Semifinals   Final
 Riggs 6:43  
 Mongo PIN      Mongo PIN  
 Flynn PIN    Flynn 6:09  
 Wrath 5:55        Mongo 5:29  
 Villano V 6:56        Kaos PIN  
 Kaos PIN      Kaos PIN
 Wallstreet 6:18    Maestro 4:55  
 Maestro PIN        Kaos 4:35  
 La Parka 5:49        Roadblock PIN  
 Mr. JL PIN      Mr. JL 5:50  
 The Cure 6:03    Smiley PIN  
 Smiley PIN        Smiley 4:56
 Roadblock PIN        Roadblock SUB  
 Zodiac 6:36      Roadblock SUB
 Jowers PIN    Jowers 3:56  
 Ice Train 5:21        Roadblock PIN
 Villano IV PIN        Meng 6:54
 Pisces 6:04      Villano IV 5:07  
 Meng PIN    Meng PIN  
 Mortis 4:49        Meng PIN  
 Regal 5:18        Whore-shu 6:37  
 Ci Clope PIN      Ci Clope 6:18
 Whore-shu PIN    Whore-shu PIN  
 Psicosis 6:43        Meng PIN
 Demon PIN        Norton 5:04  
 Wright 4:16      Demon PIN  
 Moore PIN    Moore 5:20  
 Damian 5:10        Demon 3:03
 Bagwell 8:05        Norton SUB  
 Norton PIN      Norton SUB
 Badd 5:35    Disco 5:39  
 Disco PIN  

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