The 2014 6 Balls Championship is the first series of the 6 Balls Championship, an annual European indoor American football championship, competed under the authority of the World American Football Indoor League (WAFIL). It is contested by the Six Nations Rugby participants: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

The tournament, and all WAFIL tournaments, is simulated using Arena Football: Road to Glory for the Playstation 2.


Nation Stadium Head Coach Captain
Flag of ENG England The Den at Bread-upon-Toast Cameron ThatcherDavid Saltbottom (QB)
Flag of FRA France Stade de Grossier Maurice BaguetteHenri Guillotine (OG/LE)
Flag of IRL Ireland Sunburn Park Seamus PrataiMikey Hannity (C/NG)
Flag of ITA Italy Stadio di Formaggio Emilio VermicelliNico Capellini (QB)
Flag of SCO Scotland Miracle-Gro Stadium Angus "Boobs" McTiernanAngus Veranguson (C/NG)
Flag of WAL Wales Sheepshagger Park James DeallOwen Damwain (FB/LB)


Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, and 1 point for a draw. There is no overtime in the event of a draw after four quarters. In addition, no bonus points are awarded in this competition.

Pos Nation Games Points Points
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Diff.
1Flag of ITA Italy5302168110 +586
2Flag of IRL Ireland5302184169 +156
3Flag of WAL Wales5302174176 -26
4Flag of FRA France5302167172 -56
5Flag of ENG England5203153176 -234
6Flag of SCO Scotland5104138181 -432
2014 6 Balls Champions
Flag of ITA
(1st Title)


The opening round of the 6 Balls Championship took place on Saturday, March 1. Subsequent matchdays took place on Sundays, culminating on March 30, 2014.

Week 1

March 1, 2014
England Flag of ENG 41-27 Flag of FRA France
The Den at Bread-upon-Toast

March 1, 2014
Ireland Flag of IRL 41-42 Flag of SCO Scotland
Sunburn Park

March 1, 2014
Italy Flag of ITA 41-19 Flag of WAL Wales
Stadio di Formaggio

Week 2

March 8, 2014
Wales Flag of WAL 41-28 Flag of SCO Scotland
Sheepshagger Park

March 8, 2014
Italy Flag of ITA 48-20 Flag of ENG England
Stadio di Formaggio

March 8, 2014
Ireland Flag of IRL 46-36 Flag of FRA France
Sunburn Park

Week 3

March 16, 2014
England Flag of ENG 35-42 Flag of IRL Ireland
The Den at Bread-upon-Toast

March 16, 2014
France Flag of FRA 45-37 Flag of WAL Wales
Stade de Grossier

March 16, 2014
Scotland Flag of SCO 23-38 Flag of ITA Italy
Miracle-Gro Stadium

Week 4

March 22, 2014
Italy Flag of ITA 20-25 Flag of FRA France
Stadio di Formaggio

March 22, 2014
Wales Flag of WAL 35-32 Flag of IRL Ireland
Sheepshagger Park

March 22, 2014
Scotland Flag of SCO 17-27 Flag of ENG England
Miracle-Gro Stadium

Week 5

March 30, 2014
France Flag of FRA 34-28 Flag of SCO Scotland
Stade de Grossier

March 30, 2014
England Flag of ENG 30-42 Flag of WAL Wales
The Den at Bread-upon-Toast

March 30, 2014
Ireland Flag of IRL 23-21 Flag of ITA Italy
Sunburn Park


Passing Yards
Player Yards
1Flag of WAL Robert Defaid 920
2Flag of IRL Eion Polin 843
3Flag of FRA Jerry Lewis 794
4Flag of ITA Nico Capellini 733
5Flag of ENG David Saltbottom 685
Passing Touchdowns
Player TDs
1Flag of WAL Robert Defaid 18
2Flag of IRL Eion Polin 14
Flag of ITA Nico Capellini 14
4Flag of ENG David Saltbottom 13
Flag of FRA Jerry Lewis 13
Receiving Yards
Player Yards
1Flag of WAL Ryan Lysfrawd 492
2Flag of ENG Samuel Pencilfarthing 459
3Flag of FRA Cristophe Tampon 429
4Flag of SCO Ally Shephard 326
5Flag of FRA Nicolas Fromage 315
6Flag of ITA Daniele De Rigati 307
7Flag of IRL Devin O'Callahan 295
8Flag of IRL Gerald Fitzpatrick 275
9Flag of ITA Filippo Pappardelle 274
10Flag of ENG Marcus Worthington 189
Player TDs
1Flag of ENG Samuel Pencilfarthing 9
2Flag of ITA Daniele De Rigati 7
Flag of FRA Nicolas Fromage 7
Flag of WAL Ryan Lysfrawd 7
5Flag of WAL Gavin Corrach 6
Flag of IRL Devin O'Callahan 6
Flag of FRA Cristophe Tampon 6
8Flag of ITA Filippo Pappardelle 5
Flag of SCO Nappy McIntyre 5
10Flag of SCO Ally Shephard 4
Points (Kicking)
Player Pts
1Flag of IRL Erin Folctha 46
2Flag of WAL Craig Ystafell 42
3Flag of ENG Simon Bogg 39
4Flag of FRA Maurice Bain 37
5Flag of ITA Marc Bagno 36

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